i'm tanysha
perth. eighteen.
i'm not alone anymore
i am probably better than you at tetris.
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I super duper appreciate my boyfriend.
He’s so cute I just want to hug him all the time and squish his little cheeks and kiss him on the forehead and talk about how great he is. He’s really cool knotts-berry-farm

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Im so angry at myself for not being able to lose weight. More the fact that I cant motivate myself enough to do it.
I run for 3minutes and I get blurred vision and almost throw up and pass out. Im sick of having to look at this piece of shit body. I dont like anything about myself. Nothing at all.

Im sick of it. I give up on ever trying to be happy with myself.

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I draw/ paint because i’m feeling like shit. Then i realise that i cant draw. Or paint. And it just makes me feel a whole bunch worse. Haa.

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